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myDraft CMS | Blog | Shop PHP-System

myDraft CMS | Blog | Shop PHP-System# myDraft CMS | Blog | Shop PHP-SystemSetup your own CMS, Blog, Shop, Portal with the newest PHP 8.x combatible version

# Upload the whole Content Open the domain or Localhost in the Browser and you should be asked for database credentials.Navigate to in a Browser of your Choice.# Requirements for the Server+ > PHP 7.3 up to PHP 8.1+ a MySQL / MariaDB > 10.5 Database+ User login credentials for the Database# myDraft installer config fileYou find the default config file in the directory “include” with the file “inc_config-data.php” there are many Constants.Email Setup———– # API KOMPONENTE NEWS define(“CORE_MAIL_FROM_API”, “”); define(“CORE_MAIL_FROM_API_NAME”, “myDraft API Support”); define(“CORE_MAIL_SEND_API_BCC”, “”); define(“CORE_MAIL_SEND_API_BCC_NAME”, “myDraft API Support”); define(“CORE_MAIL_FROM_API_REGISTER”, “”); define(“CORE_MAIL_FROM_API_REGISTER_NAME”, “myDraft Anmeldebestätigung”);Twitter API Setup—————– define(“twitter_oauth_access_token”,””); define(“twitter_oauth_access_token_secret”,””); define(“twitter_consumer_key”,””); define(“twitter_consumer_secret”,””);Cron Setup API KEY——————Please change the Defaul “CORE_CRON_API_KEY” in the “inc_config-data.php”. define(“CORE_CRON_API_KEY”, “SNaA8BMi9KlJlH3i5SEx”);The myDraft installer generated file is called “installed.php”. <?php define(“HOST”,”localhost”); define(“USER”,”sql_username”); define(“PASS”,”sql_passwort”); define(“DB”,”sql_database”); define(“SECRECT_KEY”,”application_secret”); define(“SECRECT_IV”,”application_init_vektor”); ?>Without secret KEY and secret IV no Login and encryption of user data will work.# myDraft installer SQL file”/install/myDraft Datenbank Schema.sql” there is the defaul structure of the SQL default strukture.SQL is compatible and tested with mariaDB 10.6.x. You could import the SQL file with mysqldump for example with HeidiSQL.# Default Template is called “freie-welt”Default, recommended folder structure+ css+ error_pages+ fonts+ img+ js+ media+ moduleIn the SQL table “domains” you can change the default Template of any domain there are over 50 Options to Setup.# The default myDraft module structure / plugin systemThere is a Folder called “module” inside of this Folder are all Modules that could be put in the Frontend.Every folder inside of “modules” represent a Plugin with a fixed structure with own Frontend Editing Options. Setting “template_folder” where the foldername is stored “freie-welt”.Example myDraft plugin file and directory structure——————————————-“texthtml”\admin”texthtml”\admin\form\%module_name%-settings.php (This are the settings and Add and Update HTML Input Fields that are representing the Options and Content)”texthtml”\index.php# SQL Setup a myDraft ModuleEvery PHP Module has a SQL Table with “modul_%module_name%” and should containt the following default fields:+ id+ title_de+ content_de+ lastchange+ last_usr+ design+ menue_id+ created_at+ updated_at# Example Module Default Init SQL Table (for copy & paste)Module name “texthtml”. CREATE TABLE `modul_texthtml` ( `id` INT(10) UNSIGNED NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `title_de` VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘0’ COLLATE ‘utf8mb4_general_ci’, `content_de` LONGTEXT NOT NULL COLLATE ‘utf8mb4_general_ci’, `lastchange` TIMESTAMP NOT NULL DEFAULT current_timestamp() ON UPDATE current_timestamp(), `last_usr` INT(11) UNSIGNED NOT NULL, `design` VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘box’ COLLATE ‘utf8mb4_general_ci’, `menue_id` INT(10) UNSIGNED NULL DEFAULT NULL, `created_at` DATETIME NULL DEFAULT NULL, `updated_at` TIMESTAMP NULL DEFAULT current_timestamp() ON UPDATE current_timestamp(), PRIMARY KEY (`id`) USING BTREE ) COLLATE=’utf8mb4_general_ci’ ENGINE=InnoDB AUTO_INCREMENT=1;# A fixed PHP Function is in every myDraft Module neededInside the Folder “module”\index.php <?php # >> TEXTHTML Modul function LoadModul_texthtml($config) {..?>the LoadModul_%module_name% like the shown function body. $config a an Array with all Custom Option that are inside of the Plugin.# Page compositing with includeable modules everywhereYou can choose from different Build-In Pagelayout. + col-2-right+ col-2-left+ col-3# The “Templating System” is using Smarty PHP Template EngineBuild and Deploy different Page Layouts with the Folder “/templates” if the Page Cache is used you are finding the cache data under “/cache”.# Multidomain PHP CMS Systemuse heidisql for connecting and viewing the structure of the database tables.One table is called “domains”. There you as many subdomains and domains that shall run with the same database.# Multistore portal with modules with one cental marketplace for all competitorYou can Setup a Software as a Service (SaaS) if you want.All tables are beginning with “shop_”.# Setup a news portal with Twitter autoposting which is consisting of multiple categorized.You can Setup a news aggregator.All tables are beginning with “rss_”. You need to Setup the PHP Cronjob File cron.php to run periodically.